Floor Area Ratios Illustrated

As far as I have been able to determine, nobody has ever clearly illustrated homogeneous examples of various urban forms and also given land-use statistics for each area. The forthcoming Carfree Design Manual includes a chapter devoted to this subject. The pages below are a draft of that chapter.

Floor Area Ratio defined.

Examples are in descending order of FAR (in parentheses).

Please read the Introduction first!

San Marco, Venice (2.85)
Medieval Heart, Amsterdam (2.40)
Amstel Station, Amsterdam (2.31)
Jordaan, Amsterdam (1.90)
Canal District, Amsterdam (1.65)
Reference District (1.53)
High-Rise, Amsterdam Southeast (1.12)
Mid-Rise, Amsterdam Southeast (0.93)
Row Houses Amsterdam Southeast (0.51)
Minervalaan, Amsterdam (0.22)

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