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Amstel Station, Amsterdam

FAR   FloorsBuiltPavedGreenWater

The soft soils of Amsterdam delayed the appearance of skyscrapers for decades. In the past 10 years, three skyscrapers were built on this site along the Amstel River and adjacent to the major rail station in the northeast corner. The skyscrapers cluster around a small open space in which one old building was retained; most of the buildings on the site are 4-12 story office blocks and apartments; two of these lower buildings are visible on the left side of the middle photograph. To the east of the site is a large transport corridor. Most open space is paved.

Setback is the critical design parameter in skyscraper districts, and the average story count here is held down by setbacks. When combined with the 25% plot ratio, this yields a FAR that is actually appreciably lower than that of San Marco.

Rembrandt Tower

Philips Building

Base of the third tower, left

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