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High-Rise, Amsterdam Southeast

FAR   FloorsBuiltPavedGreenWater
Starting in the 1960s, Amsterdam expanded to the southeast. This area had previously been uninhabited, so planners began with a blank canvas. Many of these hexagonal high-rises were built, and some were torn down after just 30 years due to severe social problems caused by various cultural and political errors. The buildings themselves were adjudged part of the problem. New mid-rise units, seen in the southeast corner of the map, replaced the high-rise buildings. A large parking garage in the northwest was counted as providing no usable floor area.

This area was once entirely carfree and much of it remains so today, but some surface-level roads have been allowed to encroach upon the district. Despite the high-rise character of the area, the achieved FAR is quite low. It is entirely residential.




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