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This is a portion of the Reference District, first presented in Carfree Cities. The design was inspired by the medieval city, but I have devoted more space to interior courtyards than was usual during that period, because I think people need more green space. Energy-efficient rail systems allow for quick and easy movement, even in large cities.

All buildings were assumed to be four stories tall. The buildings abutting the central boulevard are much larger than the others, and it was envisioned that these would be mainly for office and commercial occupancies. There is no water, but the metro-freight line occupies 2% of the area and is shaded as if water. It could, in fact, be replaced by a canal and boats for freight delivery, although this practice is expensive and inefficient.

Schottenring, Vienna

Marktstrasse, Hannover

Rues Delacroix & Noel Ballay, Chartres

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