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Canal District, Amsterdam

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The Canal District contains many of the sights by which Amsterdam is known. This area actually makes rather inefficient use of space. Canal streets, such as the Keizersgracht, are about 40 m wide, including roadways on both sides. If the map were shifted to the west, dropping the Amstel River, the FAR would rise some. The scale of the area is quite large, and the blocks are as big as they get in the whole city, which gives rise to the very large interior courtyards that are accessible only to abutters.

The Utrechtsestraat is a major artery running north into the city center but only 12 m wide. Side streets, such as the Kerkstraat, are about 10 m wide. Some use is made of rooftops and balconies. This is a mixed use area with many shops, especially boutiques. Bikes are widely used.

Corner Utrechtsestraat & Kerkstraat


Courtyard behind the Utrechtsestraat

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