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Carfree Cities - the web site that goes with the book. Carfree Cities proposes a delightful solution to the vexing problem of urban automobiles.

Carfree Cities discussion group (maintained by J.H. Crawford at Yahoo!)

Author J.H. Crawford's home page, with links to carfree cities, energy, and peace initiatives.

Intbau international network for traditional building arts and urbanism.

The Victoria Transport Policy Instiute is an independent research organization developing innovative strategies for efficient and equitable transportation. Dozens of reports are available on full cost accounting, transportation demand management, pavement reduction, transit, bicycling, walking, and traffic calming. Their Online TDM Encyclopedia offers a comprehensive resource for transportation demand management planning and analysis.

ITDP Institute for Transportation & Development Policy

Christopher Alexander's site on A Pattern Language. Alexander at his usual brilliant self.

The Living Room , edited by Richard Risemberg, is a place to examine the history, the technology, and the sensations of social living, the state of community today, and the practices that can make life both richer and more practical for all of us, today, tomorrow, and beyond. Includes The Bike People, the Suburbia Project, and a Sustainability section. All highly recommended.

Tectics Studying and applying the world's best time-tested ideas in building.

The New Colonist explores environmental and lifestyle issues for dedicated city lovers, urban activists, and refugees from sprawl development. Includes feature articles, essays, interactive surveys, and city guides, written with an emphasis on community life and sustainability.

World Carfree Network , the hub of the global carfree movement.

The Center for Urban Transportation Research at the Florida Center for Community Design and Research has a variety of useful links on transportation, land use, and sustainability issues.

The Prince's Foundation for the Built Environment is an educational charity established by The Prince of Wales to teach and demonstrate in practice those principles of traditional urban design and architecture which put people and the communities of which they are part at the centre of the design process.

UrbEd (Urban and Economic Development Group) is a leading independent research and consultancy firm specialising in the fields of urban regeneration, local economic development, sustainability and urban design.

James Howard Kunstler has a site about his writing and speaking, mainly on the New Urbanism.

International Making Cities Livable seeks to strengthen community by creating viable public places for social life in our cities will reduce anonymity, and increase grassroots democracy by returning to compact, mixed use cities based on walking, cycling, and public transport.

Detour Publications is a non-profit, on-line bookstore offering many titles on sustainable passenger and freight transport, urban planning, "smart growth," and climate change.

The Institute for Transportation & Development Policy promotes environmentally sustainable and equitable transportation policies and projects worldwide.

Lincoln Institute of Land Policy is a leading resource for key issues concerning the use, regulation, and taxation of land.

Alternatives Journal offers environmental thought, policy, and action embracing current events and timeless issues.

Katarxis On Contemporary Traditional Architecture and Urbanism, a new webzine dedicated exclusively to classical and traditional architecture and urbanism.

Cyburbia: The Planning and Architecture Internet Resource Center contains a comprehensive directory of Internet resources relevant to planning, architecture, urbanism and other topics related to the built environment. Cyburbia also contains information about architecture and planning related mailing lists and Usenet newsgroups, and hosts several interactive message areas.

European Youth For(est) Action is working hard to reduce the burden of traffic in Europe.

Transportation and Community and System Presevation Pilot Program at the US Department of Transportation.

The Coalition for Alternative Transportation works to improve mobility.

A to B Magazine is dedicated to demonstrating alternatives to the car - primarily electric bicycles, public transport-friendly folding bikes and bike carraige by rail, bus and air.

The Greater Victoria Cycling Coalition is a cycling advocacy organization based in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia. Site includes advocacy and cycle commuting sections as well as information on the rides and touring cycling possibilities on Vancouver Island and the Canadian Gulf Islands.

Traffic Reduction Street reclaiming made easy

European Carfree Day  

Car-Free Development by Lloyd Wright, from GTZ

Colin Buchanan: The Lesson Of Venice by Edoardo Salzano

Carfree UK imagine living in a carfree community is working to build a carfree city somewhere in the USA or Canada.

Earth Trends , the environmental information portal from World Resources Institute

EcoPlan International is an independent consulting and advisory group working with business and governments on projects, plans, and problems which are marked by rapid technological or environmental change. Founded in 1967, the work of the group is interdisciplinary and international. Assignments are more oriented to decision support than research per se. Also includes The Commons, a collaborative international undertaking created in 1994 by Eric Britton and his colleagues at EcoPlan.

Car-Free Living - car-free housing in Europe.

Jane Holtz Kay is the architecture and planning critic for The Nation and author of Asphalt Nation, Preserving New England and Lost Boston.

Neal Peirce's column on carfree cities

The car-free universe project strengthening communities of the car-free. Introduce yourself and share thoughts about carfree living.

Worldwatch Institute is a nonprofit public policy research organization dedicated to informing policymakers and the public about emerging global problems and trends and the complex links between the world economy and its environmental support systems.

China's Carfree Town: Gulangyu in The New Colonist

On Architecture and Urbanism in Katarxis 02/1

The Real American Dream Is Not Sprawl in the New Colonist

The Form of Cities: an Introduction to Carfree Cities - an article by J.H. Crawford in The New Colonist

Urban Data supports the circulation of technical and cultural scientific information; the publication of electronic data products; training, co-operation and exchanges between the members; the development of projects and actions through relationships with national, European, and international institutions.

Top Ten Characteristics of a Healthy City in the New Colonist

The Venice Flood Barrier by Edoardo Salzano

Are We Running Out of Oil? L.B. Magoon

Interview with the New Colonist's editors

Utopia 2.0 : simulate the future on a PC

"Car Crazy" A Word from Richard Risemberg, in the New Colonist, August 2002

This View of Density portrays different urban densities (Beta version)

The Institute of Classical Architecture offers a variety of programs that teach the fundamentals of architecture through the exploration and study of the classical tradition.

The David Suzuki Foundation is one of Canada's leading environmental organizations and pays particular attention to global warming and climate change issues.

Shedding Light on Alienation in the Public Realm : The case for more humane lighting of city streets.

Active Living by Design on healtier ways of living

The CarFree group at Yahoo is a place for those who are (trying to live) carFree (or car-lite) in a car crowded world. (Not to be confused with the Carfree Cities discussion group (sponsored by, also at Yahoo.)

Car-Free Housing in European Cities A Survey of Sustainable Residential Development Projects, by Jan Scheurer

carfree living - autofrei wohnen carfree development in Germany

A Vision of Europe Architecture and a human approach for the European city - how to develop new, acceptable models for urban living.

RUDI - Resource for Urban Design Information.

Myths of Light Rail - Dissected

Le Piazze d'Italia glorious Italian Piazzas, some despoiled by cars, but all worth looking at

Technische Universitat Wien Instant Architecture - use of rules to design entire urban settings.

Bright Angel Frontier is proposing a radical restructuring of large areas of the US West that would create carfree towns by re-creating a historic Nineteenth Century infrastructure based on horses and steam trains.

The Biketopia Project is engaging in a discussion about building a city without or with a minimum of internal combustion engines, where people can live and work in a low-cost unpolluted environment.

Congress for the New Urbanism  

International Walk to School Day  

Terrain: A Journal of the Built & Natural Environments is a quarterly online journal without definite boundaries, searching for that interface - the integration - among the built and natural environments, that might be called the soul of place.

The European Cyclists' Federation is the world's largest bicycle advocacy organisation with 33 sub-groups in 22 countries.

Association for the Study of Peak Oil in English

SUN (Sustainable Urban Neighborhoods) is a program lead by Dr. John Gilderbloom to help revitalize inner city neighborhoods. SUN offers numerous web links related to sustainable development. The site includes a model web site of the type needed by every dead inner city neighborhood to spark the revitalization.

Light Rail , in cooperation with the Dutch magazine Blauwe Kamer, offers the Light Rail Atlas, a comprehensive source of information about tram systems around the world.

DMUs and railbuses Slide presentation about Diesel Multiple Units (DMU's) or "Regional Rail Transit," basically trams or light rail vehicles without overhead power.

MassBike is the leading bicycle advocacy group in Massachussetts.

"Without a Car in the World" Jane Holtz Kay in the New Colonist

Bremen: Urban district planning without cars

European Academy of the Urban Environment SURBAN, the database on sustainable urban development in Europe

European Academy of the Urban Environment aims to encourage exchange of experience amongst local government decision makers in all spheres of sustainable urban development.

US Global Climate Change Program provides a rich source of data on climate-related issues from a scientific perspective.

"Why is Sprawl Such a Disaster?" John Holtzclaw in Terrain, Issue #4

"Expansion Induces Traffic" , a page at the Sierra Club about induced traffic.

America's Autos On Welfare Summary of Subsidies

"Urban Ecology, Innovations in Housing Policy and the Future of Cities: Towards Sustainability in Neighbourhood Communities." Jan Scheurer's PhD Thesis.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center image library.

How to Build a Village by Claude Lewenz

Radical Urban Theory an on-line journal

External Costs Damages arising from electricity and transport (PDF!)

Costs of Sprawl report from the Sierra Club.

Perils For Pedestrians A television series about problems confronting people who walk.

Highway and Sprawlbusters at the Sierra Club - a page about reining in cars and limiting sprawl.

Trees and Vegetation in the Architecture and Planning of High-Density City-Centers

B.E.S.T. helps solve pollution, climate change, traffic congestion, and urban sprawl problems.

Light Rail Transit Association provides a host of useful information about Light Rail Vehicles (LRV)/trams/streetcars/trolleys or whatever people are calling them this week.

"Coming Around Again" - an article about the resurgence of streetcars (trams)

Principles of Urban Structure by Nios A. Salingaros. This on-line book addresses the needs of professional urbanists who wish to understand how and why cities are successful or not, depending on their form, components, and substructure.

Light Rail Now contains a useful collection of data for those marshalling arguments in favor of light rail and against bus systems.

A Theory of Architecture by Nikos A. Salingaros. An online book that combines some ideas on the basis for architectural design.

Earth Policy Institute  

Light Rail Atlas - Holland's Light Rail-pages for a world audience.

The Electric Tbus Group supports the use of electric trolley buses in London.

The International Lightrail Network provides information on light rail systems from a northern European perspective

The North American Light Rail Information Site provides information on the North American Light Rail industry and to assist in the growth, advancement, development, and expansion of the North American light rail industry and its employees

Ivan Illich: Energy and Equity full text on line.

Katarxis - New York Rebuilding Manhattan Without Skyscrapers

Pedestrian Streets in New Colonist

Our Neighborhood Russell Turpin in the New Colonist

Culture Change Committee Against Oil Exploration

Arcosanti: is an urban laboratory in Arizona and a prototype Arcology (architecture for ecology) founded by Paolo Soleri in 1970. Workshoppers and apprentices learn by doing, while constructing Arcosanti.

The Preservation Institute includes links to transportation and development politics on the Web. Listed are groups working to limit the automobile, stop urban sprawl, and build ecologically sound cities.  

The Urban Renaissance Institute is dedicated to helping cities and their regions flourish by removing the many impediments to their proper functioning.

Bicycling Magazine : the world's largest cycling publication.

Walk to School in the UK

Methane Madness: A Natural Gas Primer A fairly short, really excellent explanation of the current US natural gas crisis. Essential reading.

Surface Transportation Policy Project ("Transact") works to promote a "diversified transportation system." They also publish the Mean Streets report annually. advocates meaningful climate protection

Earth Policy Institute is dedicated to providing a vision of what an environmentally sustainable economy.

Barbican Living describes the post-war Barbican project in London, in which cars are kept below ground. 8000 people live there today.

Autofrei-wohnen carries information on big (600 family) carfree project planned for Berlin-Mitte near Friedrichstraße/Unter den Linden (German only).

Railway Technology : The Website for the Railway Industry. Exhaustive and excellent source of data on railroading.

"The Real Revolutionaries" Richard Risemberg in the New Colonist on rebels... and their cars.

National Council for Science and the Environment The National Council for Science and the Environment (NCSE) has been working since 1990 to improve the scientific basis for environmental decisionmaking. NCSE is supported by nearly 500 academic, scientific, environmental, and business organizations.

The Climate Ark is a climate change search space dedicated to promoting public policy that addresses global climate change through reductions in carbon and other emissions, energy conservation, alternative energy sources and ending deforestation.

Digital Imaging Project Index of Art Historical Sites

"Sprawl: The Growing Pains of Suburban America" at

Living Streets covers all aspects of pedestrian welfare

Driven to Spend - a report on the costs of sprawl

POLIS is an association of European cities and regions working together on transport and environmental issues, in particular via innovative technologies, policies and funding systems.

Bus Rapid Transit site at the Federal Transit Administration

The Social Ideology of the Motorcar by André Gortz (1973!).

Bicycle Transportation Alliance promotes bicycling for safer streets, cleaner air, and energy independence.

"Skeletons in the closet of the Suburban Frontier" Kris Price in Terrain, Issue #4

Transportation and City Design Land use and housing politics in San Francisco. History and politics of rail transit in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

A Tour of Illichville  

Earth Carfree Days Collaborative (19 April 2001).

Environmental Building News is a leading international publication on environmentally sustainable design and construction. The site includes news, feature articles, and many green building product reviews.

"Methadone for Road Hogs" Richard Risemberg in the New Colonist on Zero Emission Vehilces... and why they don't help.

Big and Blue in the USA by James Howard Kunstler in the New Colonist

Planning Commissioners Journal is a resource for planning in the North American context. They also publish a useful journal.

San Francisco Bicycle Coalition promotes the bike for everyday transportation.

PEZEE The movement for the protection of pedestrian rights in Athens

Urban Winds is a site to discuss urban issues and urban design

Freesources from World Carfree Network

America WALKs is a non-profit national coalition of local advocacy groups dedicated to promoting walkable communities. Our mission is to foster the development of community-based pedestrian advocacy groups and to educate the public about the benefits of walking.

Citizens for Better Transit (Edmonton)is dedicated to public education and advocacy about the social, environmental and economic benefits possible from investments in public transportation.

Mont Royal Avenue Verte is promoting a major carfree street in Montreal, Quebec

The Seaside Institute is the cultural center of the town of Seaside, Florida, and supports improved community planning

Citystreets: see what pedestrian advocates are doing in New York, at this innovative and original pedestrian-oriented transportation website.

Walkable Communities, Inc. is a non-profit corporation organized to help communities of whatever size to become more walkable and pedestrian friendly.

A Century of Suffering : The 100th Anniversary of the first person killed by automobile in North America.

Urban and Rural Sociology at the Socio Site in Amsterdam.

Vital Climate Graphics is a resource from the United Nations Environment Program.

What Are They Afraid Of? In Smart Growth's Widening Wake, A Stream of Venom, by Keith Schneider in the New Colonist

Transportation Alternatives is a member-supported New York City-area citizens' group working for better bicycling, walking and public transit, and fewer cars.

International Bike Fund promotes sustainable transport and international understanding

The Atlantic Monthly September 1996 article on Celebration (the new Disney community in Orlando, Florida) is an interesting and worthwhile review of some of the fruits of the New Urbanism.

Richard Register on electric cars.

Openbaar Reisinformatie is an example of how public transport information should be made available to the public

Sustainable Urban Transport Project aims to help cities meet this challenge and achieve their sustainable transport goals, through the dissemination of information about international experience and targeted work with particular cities.

A Tale of Two Spaces A Word from Richard Risemberg, December 2003

Cars, Culture, Concrete, and Convenience at the Living Room

Better Times Access to sustainable, simple, & frugal living.

Chainguard - bicycle advocacy on line.

Wire Wheels, Wired World at the Living Room

Center for Green Space Design providing training and assistance for those planning green space.

Walk21 exists to champion the development of healthy sustainable and efficient communities where people choose to walk

Energy Farms for energy independence

Sprawl Kills is an indictment of US sprawl development.

Swede Track makes innovative proposals for automated overhead people movers.

he New Mobility Agenda from Ecoplan

Blues for Green in Holland by Jane Holtz Kay, in the New Colonist.

Secret Gardens How to turn patchwork urban backyards into neighborly communal parks.

The Waterfront Center contends that waterfronts are unique. The vital characteristic that separates waterfronts from other areas in a community is the relationship to water.

Dancing Rabbit is an ecovillage in northeast Missouri committed to creating a sustainable village of 500-1000 people. A vehicle co-op is used instead of private cars.

Cutting Your Car Use , the web site for Anna Semlyen's new book by the same name.

International Society for Ecological Economics is a nonprofit organization that encourages the integration of economics and ecology into a transdiscipline aimed at developing a sustainable world. Specific research areas include ecological modeling, ecological limits to growth, climate change, biodiversity, valuation of natural capital, and ecotax reform.

Mike's Rail Photos and other rail information (mainly streetcars)

Transport 2000 Canada is a non-profit organization whose primary purpose is research, public education and consumer advocacy.

What is Road Safety? A look at statistical methods and manipulations regarding safety.

Comprehensive Evaluation of Rail Transit Benefits from VTPI

National Charrette Institute is a nonprofit educational institution that helps communities achieve healthy transformation using the charrette process.

SUVs Should Be Driven Into a Truck Lane Big guys on the right, little guys on the left. It has a nice ring, doesn't it? (LA Times article)

Car Free Guide to Atlanta from Hands On Atlanta

Brasilias from the Parallel Universes presents other plans that were proposed for Brazil's capital.

Parry People Movers is developing innovative wireless light-rail vehicles

Terrorism, Transit and Public Safety from VTPI

Measuring the Success of Transit-Oriented Development : Retail Market Dynamics and Other Key Determinants. Discussion of TOD and transit effects; possibly biased.

Charter of the Global Greens Defining what it means to be Green in the new millennium. (Warning: PDF)

TramTrain: The 2nd Generation: New Criteria for the "Ideal TramTrain City"

The Project for Public Spaces is a nonprofit technical assistance, research and educational organization with a mission to create and sustain public places that build communities.

On the Road to Sustainability Transport and Carfree Living in Freiburg (PDF)

Pedestrian Sundays in Kensington Market Community - Culture - Ecology

London Congestion Pricing: Implications for Other Cities VTPI

Auto Free New York works to improve transit, cut car use, and remake streets for people.

Reclaiming city streets for people: Chaos or quality of life? EU

Bogotá designs transportation for people, not cars and is becoming a world leader in improving quality of life at low cost.

Eddyburg is the site of Edoardo Salzano, former mayor of Venice. In Italian, with many links.

TranStats The Intermodal Transportation Database

Road Alert is a direct action response to the uk governments resurected road program

Cycling Trends and Policies in Canadian Cities VTPI public transport around the world

Car Busters Magazine helps to unite, build, and maintain the international car-free movement, and to inform, motivate, publicize and empower all groups and individuals fighting against the car's dominance and destructiveness.

Efficient Vehicles Versus Efficient Transportation VTPI

Hidden Subsidies for Urban Car Transportation: Public Funds for Private Transport ICLEI

Ulrich Nehls - Musik, Autos, Verkehr und Öl

EcoIQ offers resources for planning the built environment, natural resource conservation and protection, and building sustainable communities.

Michigan Land Use Institute published an article on government support for sprawl, which was by no means the inevitable consequence of rising personal incomes.

Planetizen is a portal for California planners.

Carfree Day in Toronto, for the first time.

DENZELDRIVE Carsharing (Austria) General description of Carsharing Locations all over Austria Partners in public traffic and motorized traffic (e.g. car rental)

Energy Information Agency presents the party on energy resources; interesting but possibly not reliable..

Carfree site from Ryan Harris , a Regional Planner for the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments.

Simmons & Company International is an investment bank specializing in oil. Their site provides extensive data on the oil industry.

Project for Public Spaces Launching a New Tradition of Great Public Squares

Chris Bradshaw has published some very interesting material on the scale of cities, the role of low-impact transport, and the social effects of urban planning.

Austin Analytics is a UK-based public transport specialist, focusing on policy analysis, including economic, financial, and statistical analysis.

The Center for a New American Dream Helping individuals and institutions change the way they consume to seeks to protect the environment and enhance quality of life for all.

The Fellowship for Intentional Community promotes intentional communities all over the world, both rural and urban. Many of these communities provide a carfree lifestyle for their members.

Innovative Transportation Technologies provides information on automated peoplemovers, automated freight systems, automated guided vehicles, Combi-Road transportation, dual-mode trucks, pipeline freight transportation, and underground tube freight.

Metro Bits some aspects of the world's subway systems

Moving the Economy promotes sustainable transport and inventories 150 case studies in which sustainable transport yielded measured economic benefits.

CicloVía Málaga is a research project launched by the Society of CicloVía Málaga Young Geographers. It examines the bicycle as a transportation alternative in the city of Málaga (Spanish).

Velo Mondial is a global bike site that includes the Amsterdam Declaration on the rights of cyclists.

Imagita provides a list of links to European Union and EU-funded public transport research projects with particular emphasis on Scandinavian public transport links.

Travel on ELTIS (the European Local Transport Information Service).

Southface Energy Institute  

Urban Ecology Australia is a non profit community group which advocates the building of ecological cities.

Sustainable Energy Coalition  

Alliance for a Paving Moratorium demonstrates alternatives to sprawl and petroleum dependence while fighting new road construction.

Organic Engines - Recumbent Bicycle and Tricycle Builder Maker of recumbent bicycles and tricycles, including a cargo trike that can enable car free living by providing a healthy and reliable transportation alternative.

The Allderblob is an international movement for a moratorium on car advertising

The Thunderhead Alliance is a coalition of state and local bicycle advocacy groups.

The Pew Center on Global Climate Change is a non-profit, non-partisan and independent organization dedicated to providing credible information, straight answers and innovative solutions in the effort to address global climate change.

UITP Better passenger information contributes to public transport ridership

Center for Clean Air Policy was established in 1985 by a group of bipartisan state governors, to develop and promote innovative policy solutions to energy and environmental problems.

Raging Bike Measure your contribution to an emission free urban environment, check out the worst cars and post your own cycle incidents to the rage tables.

The Political Economy of Terror oil shortages and violence in Saudi Arabia

Auto-Free Life explores the challenges and rewards of car-free and car-light lifestyles, tracks the real-world, out-of-pocket cost of car ownership, and examines the so-called "need" to own a car.

Car-Free France (portal site)

Central London Partnership is a public and private sector partnership which takes action to make central London a better place to live, work, invest, and visit.

International City Planners Network connects planning professionals from around the world: architects, city and town planners, community development and environmental planning professionals, landscape architects, open space planners, resource managers, transportation planners, and urban designers.

EnviroWindows Environmental Information for Businesses and Local Authorities

Unconventional Ideas is a collection of essays questioning conventional wisdom and suggesting viable alternatives.

INSnet is a sustainability portal.

Cloverleaf city: it would be better for all of us if there were fewer cars on the road

Eco Earth The Environmental Sustainability Source

Auto-Free Orange County is an Orange County, California volunteer organization helping people develop less car-dependent lifestyles and more pedestrian-friendly communities.

NETS - Network for Soft Mobility in European Tourism integrates partners of tourism- transport, and environmental organizations. NETS partners seek to improve the quality of vacations and environmental quality while raising the standard of living for guests and locals.

Medline has an extensive collection of information on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which can be caused by air pollution.

Resources for bike messengers worldwide - the homepage of the International Federation of Bike Messenger associations

Walking in Towns and Cities - the 11th Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs Committee

Self-Propelled City is working on a self-propelled future for urban environments.

COST Transport and the COST 339 initiative for small Euro-container standard.

Sustainable Long Island is an organization whose mission is to promote economic development, social equity and a healthy environment for all Long Islanders, now and in the generations to come. is a resource centre for human powered transport of freight and people, with information on the manufacturers and operators of work bikes and research into sustainable human-powered transport.

Ken Kifer's Bike Page deals with issues and misconceptions concerning bicycling and points out that cycling is usually faster than driving and is always healthier and kinder to the environment.

Hände Weg von der Lobau! is fighting against a highway through a national park in Austria.

Car Free Month in the San Francisco Bay Area, possibly expanding to other regions.

Pew Center for Civic Journalism is an incubator for civic journalism that works to re-engage people in public life.

The Greenway is working to provide a safe, clean, aesthetic, and enjoyable place for people of all ages to ride a bicycle all year round.

Streetcar Philadelphia is an informal photo essay showing Philadelphia's streetcar system twenty years ago, and today.

Village Technology has proposed the SMARTram, an interesting approach to providing local transit in downtown areas.

Reinventing the Wheels Amory Lovins and the Hypercar.

Stop the Cars takes a brief look at the automobile, its past, present, and future and how we can make a difference now to improve the lives of this and future generations.

The Progress Report is an interesting collection of ideas on a wide range of topics, including urban issues.

Parry People Movers supplies light tramway systems for smaller towns, and light rail vehicles for use on regional railways. They have developed an off-wire tram technology. for the committed bicyclist out to help save the planet.

The Comparative Urban Studies Project of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars brings together scholars and policymakers from around the globe to discuss problems of urban management from a multidisciplinary, multiregional perspective. CUSP organizes meetings and disseminates the findings through policy briefs, occasional papers, books, and other publications, as well as through the Center's Dialogue radio program.

The Social Ideology of the Motorcar

The Bicycle Forest  

The Tri-State Transportation Campaign is an alliance of public interest, transit advocacy, planning and environmental organizations working to reform transportation policies in the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut metropolitan region.

Wohnen ohne Auto (Living without cars) carries information on the carfree project in Munich. Also a reviews other German Carfree Projects and has tips for planning and realizing carfree living in Germany. (German only) provides sensible advice and tools for greener living.

Public Spaces How They Humanize Cities [PDF]

The Earth Charter Initiative publishes the Earth Charter, a set of guidelines for a sustainable society.

Car Free Development gives information on carfree projects in London is a source of information about thousands of cities worldwide.

EcoEarth.Info is an environment portal

Twelve Anti-Transit Myths: A Conservative Critique [PDF]

Netzkraft Movement is a multidisciplinary international network of currently 1000 organizations throughout the world who are socially, politically, ecologically or spiritually involved

EcoWorld offers environmental information in seven different categories: air, water, earth, plants, animals and people covering key global environmental issues, species/ecosystem profiles, and projects pertaining to each earth category.

I Walk in My Street A Guide to Planning Successful Pedestrian Streets in New York City (PDF)

Cycling in the Netherlands from the Dutch government (PDF)

Martin van den Berg is also interested in the design of cities.

Kevin Karplus maintains a large list of useful transportation, bicycle, and urban planning links.

EcoTopia USA is dedicated to a sustainable future.

Web Directory of environmental organizations.

EcoEarth.Info is an environment portal all dedicated to achieving global environmental sustainability.

Findhorn is an alternative community working in support of sustainability.

BikeAthens (Georgia) is dedicated to promoting sustainable transportation solutions for the Classic City.

Autofreie Stadt blog (German)

New Civilization Network : Exploring emerging new qualities of life on planet Earth.

Northwest Environment Watch s a non-profit organization that aims to foster a sustainable economy and way of life in the Pacific Northwest.

World Environment is an environmental portal.

Public Transport Users Association  

EEVL is the UK Gateway to quality reviewed engineering resources on the Internet.

Bicycle City An eco-friendly place to live, work, and play

World Bank Group Urban Transport Strategy Review. "Urban sprawl is likely to increase to the detriment of public transport, reducing accessibility and services for the poor. The World Bank's Urban Transport Strategy Review will prepare for this challenge."

Eco-Portal is a search engine devoted to ecological topics.

KNV is the employers' organization in the Netherlands for the transport of goods and passengers by road.

Free Public Transit: Everyone benefits - everyone pays

Walk + Roll Cleveland encourages people to walk and bicycle in their daily lives.

emedicine has information on chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and emphysema, which can be caused by air pollution.

Bicycle Civil Liberties Union The Bicycle Civil Liberties Union (BCLU) champions equal treatment for those who do not drive, especially bicyclists and pedestrians.

Greenways Travel Club in the Czech Republic

I Hate Driving is a California web site

Green and smart is the idea that public transport and walking are viable and sustainable modes of transport, and the lack of information is a significant impediment.

Portal Ecológico do GAIA está temporáriamente offline por motivos de segurança cibernáutica.

The Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments is a forum for planning, discussion and study of regional problems of mutual interest and concern to the counties and cities in Monterey, San Benito, and Santa Cruz Counties.

United Nations Car-Free Days Freemantle

Ideas by Creativity Pool is a free pool of global innovation and future inventions. People can search the database for creative inspiration, or donate new ideas and be rewarded.

The Life Extension Foundation has information about emphysema and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which can be caused by air pollution.

Singapore Urban Redevelopment Agency offers information of local interest

TrafficLinq traffic and transportation start page.

Carfree American promotes healthy bodies and minds, environment, and communities.

RailFind UK railway website directory

Cities of the Future takes a glimpse at cities 100 years into the future.

GWL Terrein in Amsterdam, a 600-unit carfree project (in Dutch only)

The Priorities Institute discusses sustainability, carfree cities, and related topics.

The Pound: A site about cars for those who don't like them…

World Carshare Consortium was set up under The Commons in early 1998 as a free, cooperative international information sharing and communications program in support of carsharing projects worldwide.

Arts & Letters Daily is a selection of articles, reviews and essays culled from the web.

Shed Your Car Day in Freemantle, Australia, 29 November 2001

Car Free Russia in Russian, of course.

New Internationalist Magazine The people, the ideas, the action in the fight for global justice

Active Living Leadership supports government leaders as they create and promote policies, programs and places that enable active living to improve the health, well-being and vitality of communities.

BSO Bundeskoordination Studentischer Ökologiearbeit Synergistic Transformation Institute

Main Street Pedicab is a builder of modern pedicabs.

Halt the Ramp Caltrans is beginning construction of a new elevated freeway and ramp in San Francisco.

Center for Balanced Development is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing resources, providing services, and building networks that foster global balance in society by promoting unity, in individuals by bringing out human potential, in ecology by preserving our natural resources, and in economy by incorporating relations in development.

Carfree World is a carfree blog

Map21 Ltd provides greenspace planning, research and community initiatives. Offers information for students and professionals plus COST C11 EU research project on Urban Greenspace.

Transportation for a Livable City works to create more livable neighborhoods, where walking, bicycling, and transit are the best choices for most trips, and where housing is more plentiful and more affordable.

New Means to PROMote Pedestrian Traffic in Cities from the EU [PDF!]

Ecosustainable Hub Environment / Sustainability Links

Neighborhood Communities is a neighborhood resource center.

Bicycle Doctor has links to many cycling-related organizations

Transcript: Over a Barrel (2 September 1999), from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Oil analyst Charlie Richardson participated in the debate.

North Carolina Coalition for Bicycle Driving Bicyclists are drivers of vehicles. Every street is a bicycle facility.

Energie-Cités The Association of European local authorities promoting a local sustainable energy policy.

Thomas Gordon Smith is a contemporary classical architectect

Cycling Resource Centre in Australia

Planum is an European Online-Journal for Town and Regional Planning

National Center for Smart Growth Research and Education and the Environmental Finance Center

The homepage of Rostock municipality (in German). Rostock is located 220 kilometres north of Berlin, on the Baltic coast. With a population of 205,000, the town is an important Baltic ferry harbour. The site carries an article, "Living withaout a car in Rostock," part of its AGENDA 21 - Living in Rostock in the future.

CarFree Walks Walking in the UK without a car

College Town Issues Issues related to student and year-round residents living and working together in college towns across the USA, especially in older, walkable neighborhoods.

Web Urban Design is a resource network of worldwide websites focusing on urban design. WUD aims to provide a direct and easy access to key websites.

Eco-Portal The EnvironmentalSustainability.Info Source

Car Wars : The US Economy Needs Oil Like a Junkie Needs Heroin - And Iraq Will Supply Its Next Fix .

Bicycle-Friendly Berkeley Coalition works to make Berkeley a more bicycle-friendly city

National BRT Institute facilitates the sharing of knowledge and innovation for increasing speed, efficiency, and reliability of high-capacity bus service

BEST Berkeley Ecological & Safe Transportation Coalition

San Francisco Bicycle Coalition promotes the bicycle for everyday transportation

Architects for Peace Urban professionals including planners, architects, designers and environmentalists against war. Information on peace actions, urban development, links to city and peace articles and relevant websites

Eco-Porta The EnvironmentalSustainability.Info Source

Greek activist group working on pedestrian rights

Be Birmingham is the Local Strategic Partnership for Birmingham offers information about public transport worldwide

Urban Squares is devoted to the study of city squares

Citycarshare in San Francisco.

PhillyCarShare in Philadelphia, of course. is a new type of online car sharing application that allows you to search for sharers using cutting edge technology, maps and personal profiling for free!

California Bicycle Coalition  

Rouler à vélo French-Canadian bike blog

Projects International is working to integrate Education for Sustainability into English language classrooms around the world.

"Our Quality of Life Peaked in 1974 : It's All Downhill Now: We will pay the price for believing the world has infinite resources," by George Monbiot.

Momentum the magazine for self-propelled people

Car Sharing Network  

Walk and Bike for Life Your way to a healthy lifestyle today

Pretty Good City evolving thoughts on sustainable urbanism

EBBC (the East Bay Bicycle Coalition) is a San Francisco Bay Area organization promoting bicycling as an everyday means of transportation. The site includes a list of upcoming events in the Bay Area and back issues of RideOn, the organization's newsletter.

The Earth Times news portal

Urb-al Cycling Info for Latin America provides links to street-reclaiming direct action around the world.

Sapling , the Architecture, Planning & Landscape Information Gateway

Bicycle Civil Liberties Union champions equal treatment for those who do not drive, especially bicyclists and pedestrians

The green version about the city transport situation in general and in our city, Nizhniy Novgorod

Budapest Korzo promotes Ciclovia in Budapest

Vermont Rail Advocacy Network works to restore rail service in Vermont

West by Online Magazine includes coverage of environmental issues among its many interests.

HWCA architects, urban design, multimedia


Understanding and measuring bicycling behavior  

Removing Freeways - Restoring Cities from the Preservation Institute

Car-Free / Low-Car Cities & Neighborhoods has some useful links

The Web's Most Popular Sites has some links to urban planning sites

Towards a motor-free city from Auroville Universal Township

Information for Action is a volunteer project to make environmental information more widely available.

Winter Cities proposes ways to ease the winter in northern cities.

Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center  

City of Oakland (CA) pedestrian master plan

Bicycle Transportation Systems proposes indoor, wind-assisted cycling.

Croydon Cycling Campaign bicycle advocacy a public-access television show

oGE - O Grande Estuário is a colaborative art and social project on post-carbon urban and art prospects. (Portuguese)

Rainforest Portal Search, Inform, Debate, Act

The Carfree Database contains data of the carfree communting behavior and car ownership rates for all communities in the United States

Car sharing is an international network focused on the influence of culture on the physical environment

Oil Peaks has information on peak oil and responses to it

New Urban Home The New Urban Home is a sustainable, fleible, and creative solution to individualized contemporary living. is a rail site.

London Cycling Campaign bicycle advocacy

Velomobile information

FIAB Federazione Italiana Amici della Bicicletta (Italian bicyclist society)

Rickshaw & Pedicab Forum is a place for discussion of this mode.

Ecopolis Architects are specialists in ecological architecture.

Zedfactory believes that sustainable development is both affordable and possible within current market constraints.

rede ciclável de Lisboa is a bicycling advocacy group in Lisbon

Quarry Village carfree development in Hayward, CA links drivers and passengers together online. is the UK's largest car sharing scheme, designed to help local authorities, businesses, schools, hospitals, and individuals integrate public and private transport.

PedNet - pedestrians and cyclists in Columbia, Missouri

Obywatelski Ruch Ekologiczny 22 wrzesnia is believed to be the world's largest environmental portal. Europaisches Netzwerk Mobilitat und Lokale Agenda 21

The Planning Report The insider's guide to managed growth

Bicycle-Friendly Berkeley Coalition is the Bicycle-Friendly Berkeley Coalition. Our mission is to make Berkeley a more bicycle-friendly city

Car Free Russia  

Bike the Bridge! coalition

Urban Squares urban squares from around the world

umverkehR Zukunft ink.

AMS Bike Co-op at UBC

Yuba Pride affordable mobility Turkey

Levego is Hungary's Clean Air Action Group

rede ciclável de Lisboa Lisbon cycle network

2 get there mobility solutions

Urban Reinventors  

Win-Win Emission Reduction Strategies Smart Transportation Strategies Can Achieve Emission Reduction Targets And Provide Other Important Economic, Social and Environmental Benefits from VTPI

Afriwheels is trying to bring bikes to Africa

People Power bicycle advocacy for santa cruz county

The Participatory City Innovations in the European Union (including a brief history of the carfree movement)

22 September in Switzerland

The Southbay Cruisers is a bicycle group based in Los Angeles.

Win-Win Transportation Solutions Cooperation for Economic, Social and Environmental Benefits from VTPI

Lords of the Logistic: How the Other Half Drives

Nadace Partnerstvi in the Czech Republic

People Power bicycle advocacy for santa cruz county

Bikes Not Bombs Every business day until the car war has been stopped

Lennertz Coyle & Associates Architects and Town Planners

Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company Architects and Town Planners

European Greenways Association Sustaining the future on the past

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