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Individuals may make unrestricted use of the images in this section of, provided your use is not for profit. Any other use by an individual requires explicit permission and possibly a fee. Any publication of an image must carry the following copyright notice:
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Non-profit organizations to which maintains a link from the Links section are allowed to use these images on the same basis as individuals, including the requirement to include the copyright notice given above. These organizations are requested (not required) to make the "" part of the copyright notice an active hypertext link to Note that a link from Carfree Times does not constitute a link for these purposes.

Governmental agencies and for-profit organizations must obtain explicit permission for any use and may be required to pay a market-rate fee.

No links directly to any of these images are allowed except by Internet search engines. Any Internet use requires you to download the image in question and install it on your own server, with all calls to that images originating from your site linking to your local copy. (I don't want to pay for your download traffic!)

As amended 19 February 2004

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