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Pages given in boldface type are very large and may tax computers from before 2002. The amount of data you will be downloading demands a fast Internet connection unless you are very patient. If you have any trouble with the first category, "Alley," you do not have fast enough hardware to deal with pages in boldface, and some other pages may be very slow.

Alley HorizontalVertical
Arcade HorizontalVertical
Arch HorizontalVertical
Awning HorizontalVertical
Balcony HorizontalVertical
Bay Window HorizontalVertical
Bench HorizontalVertical
Bike HorizontalVertical
Bike Parking HorizontalVertical
Building HorizontalVertical
Big Building HorizontalVertical
Low Building HorizontalVertical
Narrow Building HorizontalVertical
Boulevard Horizontal
Boat HorizontalVertical
Bollard HorizontalVertical
Bridge HorizontalVertical
Bus HorizontalVertical
Café HorizontalVertical
Canal HorizontalVertical
Car HorizontalVertical
Cart Horizontal
Chimney HorizontalVertical
Church Interior Vertical
Church Exterior HorizontalVertical
Clock HorizontalVertical
Courtyard HorizontalVertical
Decoration - Exterior HorizontalVertical
Detail HorizontalVertical
Dog HorizontalVertical
Doorway HorizontalVertical
Dormer HorizontalVertical
Drain Vertical
Elevated Railroad Horizontal
Electric Vehicle Horizontal
Fountain HorizontalVertical
Freight HorizontalVertical
Freight Bike Horizontal
Gable HorizontalVertical
Gallery Vertical
Garage Horizontal
Gondola HorizontalVertical
Green HorizontalVertical
Iron Work HorizontalVertical
Kids HorizontalVertical
Kiosk Horizontal
Loggia Horizontal
Market HorizontalVertical
Marking - Pavement HorizontalVertical
Metro Horizontal
Modern Architecture HorizontalVertical
Mom & Pop Shop HorizontalVertical
Monument HorizontalVertical
Night Time HorizontalVertical
Overhang HorizontalVertical
Overhead Cable HorizontalVertical
Panorama HorizontalVertical
Park HorizontalVertical
Parking HorizontalVertical
Path HorizontalVertical
Pattern HorizontalVertical
Pavement HorizontalVertical
Pedestrian HorizontalVertical
Plant HorizontalVertical
Protest Horizontal
Piazza San Marco HorizontalVertical
Railing HorizontalVertical
Rio (Canal-side stret) HorizontalVertical
Roll-up shuttersHorizontalVertical
Roof HorizontalVertical
School Horizontal
Scooter Horizontal
Shop HorizontalVertical
Shutter HorizontalVertical
Signal - Traffic Horizontal
Sign - Car HorizontalVertical
Sign - Street Name HorizontalVertical
Sloping Site HorizontalVertical
Sottoportego HorizontalVertical
Special HorizontalVertical
Square - IntersectionHorizontal
Square - Large HorizontalVertical
Square - Medium HorizontalVertical
Square - Small HorizontalVertical
Square - Market Vertical
Stair - Indoor Vertical
Stair - Outdoor HorizontalVertical
Stall HorizontalVertical
Station HorizontalVertical
Statue HorizontalVertical
Street Life HorizontalVertical
Street Light HorizontalVertical
Street - Curved HorizontalVertical
Street - Intersection HorizontalVertical
Street - Medium Width HorizontalVertical
Street - Narrow HorizontalVertical
Street - Residential Horizontal
Street - Straight HorizontalVertical
Street - Tapered HorizontalVertical
Street - Wide HorizontalVertical
Tower HorizontalVertical
Traditional Building HorizontalVertical
Train Horizontal
Tram HorizontalVertical
Trash Horizontal Vertical
Tree HorizontalVertical
Truck HorizontalVertical
Utility HorizontalVertical
Water HorizontalVertical
Well HorizontalVertical
Window HorizontalVertical
Zen HorizontalVertical
1 Story BuildingHorizontalVertical
2 Story BuildingHorizontalVertical
3 Story Building HorizontalVertical
4 Story Building HorizontalVertical
5 Story Building HorizontalVertical
6 Story Building HorizontalVertical
7 Story Building Horizontal
8+ Story Building HorizontalVertical
4 Story-Limit Illustrated HorizontalVertical


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Text & photographs ©1997-2004 J.Crawford