Recovering from Disruption:
A Comprehensive Approach to Building
a Better, More Sustainable World

Running time: 53 minutes

A production of:
HealthBridge Canada
Work for a Better Bangladesh
A Creative Commons film in free distribution

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The Film

Dramatic changes are needed if civilization is going to survive the many threats of climate change. Fortunately, it is possible to make huge reductions in carbon emissions while actually improving our cities in many other ways. Time is short; we need to act quickly. This film addresses eight major problems and suggests practical changes for both immediate and long-term actions.

Script Summary

Car Trouble

Discusses nineteen problems caused by cars and motorcycles. Explains why they should be removed from cities. Among the most important are the social and health problems caused by vehicles.

Sustainable Carfree Cities

Focuses on the carfree city as a solution to some of the most serious problems in cities, including high carbon emissions. Considers the medieval city as a model for carfree spaces that are also vibrant social spaces.

Sustainable Transport

Considers alternatives to fossil fuels in the transport sector. Proposed to invert the transport priority pyramid, so that pedestrians come first, then cyclists, then public transport, and finally frieght delivery. Emphasizes the need for better, more effective public transport.

Sustainable Energy

Takes a broad look at energy picture and the immense consumption of fossil fuels. Proposes comparatively simple solutions based on reduced consumption and switching to renwable sources. The carbon tax is essential.

Sustainable Food & Fiber

Investigates unsustainable practices in food and fiber production. The extreme use of fossil fuels, fertilizers, and pesticides cannot be sustained. Local products, natural fibers, and permaculture systems are essential.

Sustainable Water

Highlights the water problems occurring around the world including the effects of climate change, inefficient water use, and groundwater contamination and exhaustion. Proposes relatively simple measures to manage the problems.

Sustainable Economy

Explores the globalized economy and its terrible effects on the environment as well as on working people around the world. Proposes a return to more localized economies that are less reliant on long-distance freight transport.

Sustainable Government

Highlights the changes needed to achieve sustainable governments, which are essential to achieving other sustainability objectives. An end to corporate influence is central to the changes needed.

Sustainable Society

Discusses the need to build a more sustainable, healthier society with stronger community social ties. Considers the importances of carfree public places where strong community social life can arise. Collaborative placemaking is considered.

Take Action

The film ends with a summary of actions that people can take on personal, local, and national levels to help build a better, more sustainable world.?


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