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Links to Watch the Film

The film can be viewed or downloaded on line for free. It may be shown anywhere as long as no fee is charged. The full credits must be shown. The film is available from two principal sources:

The best source is Vimeo.

The highest-resolution render of the film can be downloaded at the Vimeo page, but be aware that this version has had levels set for TV broadcast, as required for Vimeo. This version is too contrasty for direct projection from a computer. To access a version for direct projection, please send mail to obtain a download link. Both versions are the same resolution and file size.

The lower resolution versions at YouTube may work better for some users.

When you watch the video, please Like it:

On Vimeo, click the Heart icon in the top-right of the video.

On YouTube, click the Thumbs Up icon below the video.

Posting on social media will also help. We need to get the message out to the broadest possible audience. Time is of the essence if we are to influence the COP 21 talks starting in November 2015.

The Carfree channel at Vimeo gives access to this film and another 30 related, short videos.

We will release a slightly recut version of the film in the next two weeks. The pacing of the initial release was a little too fast, and we will add a bit more space between sections of the film, which deals with many complex ideas in 54 minutes.


Other Downloads
Download the full script.
You are permitted to edit the release version of the film, but it would be better to work from the source files, all of which can be made available to anyone requesting them. We hope for many translations, either by subtittle or overdub. Please send mail to request access to the files.

Please remember that this is a Creative Commons film. The license is Attribution, Non-Commercial Use. Many elements of the film were obtained under this license, which must be respected by those making changes to the film.

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