Unknown, Probably the Netherlands

This scene could be in almost any country in Europe. (Please advise if you can identify it.) The small doors on the upper floors indicate that it is probably a small farming community that stores hay in the lofts. The street is wide enough to pass a wagon, lending credence to this notion.

While I find this scene distinctly less attractive than the preceding one, it clearly functions as a successful social space. Note that someone has set a chair on the street where they doubtless become a part of the social scene.

Why is this street less attractive than it might be? In the first place, there are not enough windows and doors, especially at ground level. Adding just one window or door to the ground floor of the building at the end of the street would change the character of the entire street. In addition, the walls are apparently fairly thin, with the result that the windows and doors are recessed less than is ideal both from the standpoint of appearance and protection from the weather. Finally, the roof overhangs feel stingy.

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