Brixen, Stadelgasse

These arcades are unusual in their proportions. Normally, the openings are much higher than this, and usually also quite a bit narrower. These proportions seem somewhat less desirable than the more usual slender opening.

When designing an arcade, one issue is always the height of the arcade. Will the arcade reach only the height of the first floor, or will it rise to the second? Is the height of the first floor to be made great, in order to keep the proportions of the arcade more pleasant? The number of stories above the arcade also considerably affects its appearance. The way these questions are answered has large effect on the overall appearance of the completed arcade.

Notice the interesting bay windows. While this is a fairly common form, the bays protrude somewhat farther than usual.

This town is located in a small German-speaking area of the South Tyrol that is part of Italy.

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