Houlgate, La Ferme du Lieu Marot

This lovely building is probably quite old, certainly in style if not in fact. The small scale and elegant setting would make it a delightful place for a weekend getaway.

I have imagined that the green areas surrounding a carfree city might include places such as this, accessible only by bicycle, to provide a truly tranquil getaway into the country, without the usual recourse to an automobile.

I recall in Switzerland and the Netherlands isolated buildings in hiking areas, where several trails converge. These are usually taverns or restaurants, and it is appropriate to make these buildings low and small.

Notice the thatched roofs. While they are very expensive today and a huge fire risk, thatched roofs are often gorgeous, a here. They cannot be used in urban areas except for isolated buildings. It is a pity that roofs of wood and thatch cannot be used in dense urban areas, as they are almost always very attractive, but the fire risk simply does not permit it.

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