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The editor of likes to hear from visitors to the site. Unfortunately, the predations of spammers have made it necessary to remove clickable e-mail links from the site; simply enter this address manually into your mail program:

Mail without a subject is deleted automatically, so please include a subject that begins "Carfree:" (even if you are not actually writing about this subject). Spam filters are throwing out most mail, and I will soon raise the security settings on the mail server. If your own mail server fails to conform to Internet standards, including verified real Internet return address, your message will be refused. I will attempt to arrange the system so that rejected mail is returned to the sender, so that you will at least know if your message failed to arrive. Receipt confirmations are never sent, so please do not request them.

Legitimate mail usually gets a brief reply if needed. When I am away, I check mail only weekly and respond to very little of it. If your message requires a reply and you don't hear back within two weeks, try again from an e-mail account known to conform to Internet standards for address verification and not the subject of one of the spamming blacklists.

We regret the inconvenience. Please complain to your government representatives about spam. Effective action really is required.

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