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Welcome to the Carfree Cities Forum.

This is a place to discuss anything that relates to the effects
of cars on cities and to strategies for moving cars out of cities.

You can read without joining, but in order to post, you must
first join the group. Please wait about 15 minutes after joining
before attempting to post your first message.

The Forum is currently hosted at


The following guidelines will improve the usefulness of the list for everyone:
  • Be nice! This has always been a friendly, temperate group.
  • Avoid posting more than once a day, twice in case of emergency.
  • Be considerate of people's time - 600 people will be reading your post.
  • When responding to a posting, trim off irrelevant parts of the prior post.
  • When responding, please begin, "John Doe said:" to identify the source.
  • Keep messages reasonably short.
  • Please spell check if your spelling is weak.
  • Attachments cannot be sent.
  • In the case of interesting short articles, simply paste in the entire article.
  • Please include sources and full URLs where available.
  • Spammers will be dealt with severely.
The list archive is maintained on GMANE, thanks to the efforts of Colin Leath.

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