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Carfree Cities

Selected Publications of J.H. Crawford

J.H. Crawford has published the following articles and interviews related to the carfree concept. J.H. Crawford is the sole author except where otherwise noted.


Carfree Cities, International Books, 2000

Carfree Design Manual, International Books, 2009


"The Lyon Protocol Revisited," Carbusters #37 (Spring 2009)

"Reclaiming cities for citizens," 5 September 2002.

"An Interview with J.H. Crawford," Clamor Magazine September/October 2001.

"Sustainable Urban Mobility: The Place of the Carfree City in Long-Term Sustainability," scheduled for publication by IHS (Rotterdam) as part of course work on sustainable development, late 2001.

"The Relative Ease of Marketing Carfree Cities," presented at the "Marketing Sustainability - From Pioneers to Early Adopters and Market Breakthrough" session, of the Bremen Initiative conference, 26 June 2000.

"Carfree Cities: A Blueprint for Sustainability," in World Architecture Review [China], 2000:01 (no. 70).

"Cities for People: The Design of Car-Free Cities," paper presented at the Towards Car-Free Cities conference, Lyon, 1997.

"Why We Need Completely Car-Free Cities," contribution to the Towards Car-Free Cities conference reader, Free the Street 1997.

"Cities for People" presented at the Residential 2000 conference held in Shanghai in 1996 and believed to have been published in the proceedings.


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An Idealized Design for Carfree Cities and Its Application in the Real World. Paper presented at the 34th International Making Cities Livable Conference, Alpbach and Salzburg, Austria, 15-19 September 2002.

The Carfree City as a Critical Building Block for Equitable, Sustainable Societies. Paper presented at the AGS Conference, San José, Costa Rica, 21 March 2002.

"Reclaiming Cities for Citizens" in the City and Country thread of, 9 May 2002 (sorry, no direct URL).

"An Interview with J.H. Crawford," (a Web Exclusive article, not printed in the magazine) Clamor Magazine, No. 10 (September/October 2001), by Pete Menchetti.

"Children and Cars," published on, 2001.

"The Form of Cities: An Introduction to Carfree Cities," on, 2001.

"The Lyon Protocol," product of a work group facilitated by J.H. Crawford at the "Towards Car-Free Cities" conference, Lyon, 1997.

"Why We Need Car-Free Cities," in the on-line Zero Emissions Strategy Conference, published 17 October 1997.

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