The Book: Carfree Cities

The Book: Carfree Cities

Paperback Edition

Paberback Cover

Paperback Cover

Imagine a city free of the noise, stench, and danger of cars, trucks, and buses, where basic needs such as groceries and child care are just a five-minute walk from home, where the longest commute takes 35 minutes door-to-door aboard a cheap, safe, and comfortable rail system. J.H. Crawford argues convincingly that carfree cities are a better choice than today's auto-dependent cities. He believes that the time has come to reclaim city streets for human activity. Crawford sees the carfree city as a essential to sustainable development, and he describes an efficient city structured to maximize the quality of life. He offers practical suggestions for gradually implementing the reference design in new and existing cities around the world. Carfree Cities is a beacon of sanity that shows how to end the danger, pollution, and breakdown of social systems that stem from auto-centrism. By rejecting the assumption that continued urban car use is inevitable, Crawford returns to us the street life and social connection we enjoyed for thousands of years, and disrupted just 75 years ago, with the advent of automobiles.

". . . offers a plan. . . for new cities and advice for adapting existing ones. . ."
Publishers Weekly

"A serious attempt to think through all the factors in making a car-free environment work. . ."

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