Kids love Venice. Whatever happens,
they won't get run down by a car,
so their parents can relax a bit.
The kids get some freedom
to explore on their own.
Carnival was in progress
when I arrived.

Cloaked Horde
These boys were worried
that I wouldn't wait for
all their friends to arrive.
I did.


Count Dracula & Co.
This group was very pleased to be photographed.
Perhaps you can tell.


A Connecticut Indian in Venice
Kids in Venice are safe
because people are
always around.


Kids in a Busy Street
In Venice, you can let even young kids
loose on a busy city street.


Boat Boys
Driving may come late to Venetian kids,
but they learn young about boats.


Burano Brothers
These boys were playing ball
when I wandered
into their little


Looking Back
This little boy is still curious about
his surroundings and
those he sees.


Looking Back Again
And so is this little girl.


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