The freight infrastructure in Venice is not ideal,
but it does work. Venice has the benefit of two,
grade-separated rights-of-way: streets and waterways.
Pedestrians and vehicles don't interfere with each other.
The reference design for the modern car-free city
moves containerized freight on special metros or trams,
so costs should be below the norm for Venice.

Boxes Everywhere
Most freight
gets handled
which increases
shipping costs.


Freight at Rialto
In the shadow of the Rialto bridge
lies a fairly large freight operation
which serves much of northern San Marco.


Making Deliveries
Boatmen carry a hand cart for
the last hundred meters.


Cart in the Piazza
This fellow is delivering
a cartful of goods
through a crowd in San Marco.
He doesn't seem to mind
too much.


Carts & Stairs
If the cart is heavy,
the man pulling it
had better watch his


Direct Delivery
Many small enterprises have
a door opening onto a canal,
and freight is delivered and
loaded directly into the boat.


Freight Boats
A wide variety of boats
deliver freight in Venice.
All must fit beneath the bridges.


Garbage Scow
I found this garbage scow by the noise:
it sounds just like every other
garbage truck you ever heard.


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