Vitre, La Rue Poterie

Here we have a street in a prosperous provincial city, probably near or in the commercial center. (Where are the people? It's probably lunch time or Sunday.)

In this case, the stepped street opens up to provide extra space for what is probably fairly heavy traffic at some times. This also allows a better appreciation of fine buildings that have gradually accumulated in this area (the variation in style tells us that this street took hundreds of years to reach its current state).

In the middle distance, the street necks down to a normal, narrow street that was doubtless adequate to the demands placed upon it until modern times. If it's still carfree, as is likely, it should still be adequate today.

How do you feel about the divided lights used in the storefronts? Today, plate glass has become ubiquitous. As long as it is never covered by metal shutters, and especially if it is illuminated at night, I think it's usually reasonably attractive for shop windows. I do, though, prefer the divided lights.

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