Cauterets, Boulevard Latapie Flurin

This is a short straight street, and I think it gets away with being straight. The fact that it ends against a mass of trees helps to maintain the enclosure, and the street (or at least this view of it) is short enough that the street does not suffer from being straight, and in fact gains a bit of dignity from its regularity.

These are expensive buildings, with protruding stone balconies and lots of wrought iron. The statuary is a dead give away. The effect is excellent.

Notice that the buildings are of rather light color, which generally makes a street more attractive - nothing is worse that a street full of buildings with a thick layer of dark grunge. In fact, the appearance of a newly-cleaned building can be almost startling. In days gone by, the culprit was coal. Today it's probably car and truck exhausts.

If anyone knows what the stanchions are, I would like to know - they don't appear to be lamp posts, as the lamps are suspended from cables between the buildings.

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