Plombieres les Bains, La Rue Lietard

This is an even narrower street than the last. It appears to be lined with shops on both sides. The nearest shop is probably a greengrocer, which likely indicates that this is a neighborhood shopping street that supports mainly modest shops selling daily necessities. The street is only five or six meters wide but has a comfortable, even roomy feel to it. This arises in part because the shops are at ground level and visually form an extension of the street. New carfree cities should be able to support streets like this one in every district.

This street is distinctly over-square - the buildings are much taller than the street is wide. The buildings all appear to be three or four stories high, which is ideal.

Notice that someone has placed a large potted tree on the roof of the building in the distance. Notice too how the street draws your eye directly to the white building at the turn of the road. This is perhaps the nicest building on the street, maybe because its owners were conscious of its prominent location.

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