York, The Shambles

I've seen other photographs of different parts of this street, which are different in character from this section. This must be the low-rent end of the street, but it is nonetheless primarily a commercial street.

The roadway is curious. It does not appear to be wide enough to take a standard wagon, or it would at least be a very tight fit. Why is this arranged so?

The absence of any overhang or other transition between the roof and the gable of the large building in the center is wrong and exposes the gable to more weather and water damage than need be the case. It appears that some of the gables slant towards the street. This is probably not the ground settling - it is a fairly widely applied technique that causes rain hitting the face of the building to run out of the masonry and drip off, rather than running into the masonry and damaging it.

The "Carter" sign in the foreground is too large, but it is only the beginning of the encroachment of outrageous commercial signs on the public realm.

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