Florence, Casa Gegli Alighieri

What a wonderful urban scene this is! The photographer used a wide-angle lens to show us both streets leading away from this intersection. His back was probably almost against another building, so we probably see most of this intersection.

The path of the street on the left is beautiful. The scale of the buildings and the way they step up as they go away from the intersection is a delight to behold. The simple shed roofs are perfectly applied, and the long overhangs in some places probably provide good shelter from afternoon thunderstorms.

A contemporary photograph of the same scene is almost unchanged, except for the unfortunate addition of a chain across the street, probably added in an attempt to control cars. This is simply not an area to which cars ever should have been admitted - the streets are simply much too narrow.

Notice the well right at the center of the intersection. In times gone by, this would have been a scene of continuous activity throughout most of the day.

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