Vigo, Puerta del Sol

Here we have two major streets intersecting at an acute angle, and this has resulted in a large open area that might be a square if there were more provision for people to loiter in the middle. As it is, it's mostly given over to tram lines and other vehicular uses.

I think that, in general, when large streets intersect, that it should be at a steeper angle than this. With narrow streets, the effect is more satisfactory, particularly if the open space thus created is free of traffic and can serve as a square.

The building at the point of the wedge is in a spectacular location, of which full advantage has not been taken - the building is a bit cluttered and incoherent. Due to the very shallow angle of the street, this building has the shape of a fine wedge, which is of itself no great problem. Such buildings are somewhat more expensive to construct, but, judging by the large number of them to be seen in Europe, this has been no great hardship. The location is, of course, ideal for a store.

There are a lot of wires up in the sky. Notice also the elaborate lamp posts.

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