Lugano, Via Nassa

Lugano is a gorgeous town sandwiched between the lake and steep hills. The Via Nassa is one of the major streets, and is in places considerably narrower than here.

This is a fully enclosed space, at least in this direction. I suspect the same is also true looking the other way.

Notice that the buildings have been placed at irregular angles to one another. I suspect that a detailed study of this area from a range of vantage points would reveal subtle advantages of the arrangement. This would probably have to do with sunlight, skylight, wind, and rain (notice the arcades). The setting of the buildings yields several quieter areas that are out of the general flow of the street.

This is a fascinating area, although I don't care for the sign that has been painted on the face of the building on the right.

If anyone knows this place first hand, I would appreciate a report.

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