To me, this is a much more attractive street than the previous one. That has to do more with its smaller scale than anything else. The street is nearly as wide as the previous one, and the buildings are appreciably lower (and would benefit from being a story taller). However, the buildings are narrow and there are doorways every 3-5 meters.

The steeples, spires, and towers in the background lend a great deal of interest to the scene. The sense of enclosure here is almost ideal.

Notice that in this, as in the last, photograph, the street is filthy with manure. Even though both streets were probably cleaned with regularity, it was almost impossible to keep streets clean in the days of animal power. The stink of it must have been overwhelming during the warmer months.

Notice that this street really does not have sidewalks. There are small paved areas in front of the buildings, but each is separated from its neighbors by a low railing. The usable width of the street is thus less than it first appears.

Notice also that the street is not of a continuous width - it necks down in the middle distance. Compare this with the rigid geometry of the next photograph.

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