Rochefort, Eglise

The enclosure here is complete but does not feel that way. The street is quite wide and the buildings rather low, and the street is therefore quite under-square. The two-story building in the distance almost feels like a gap in the enclosure.

The presence of telephone polls, on both sides of the street, is a real blot.

From this vantage, the placement of trees has an unsatisfactory, random quality to it, although from farther up the street it might be apparent that the two trees in the foreground are the last in a regular series. While regular planting seems terribly artificial in natural settings (as in a managed forest), it seems that street trees should be planted on a regular pattern.

The windows in the building to the right appear to have been blanked out for some reason. This is always deeply disturbing and a reason to prohibit the use of roll-up shutters. The use of unbreakable glazing can be required in instances where security demands more protection that is afforded by ordinary glass. I believe that roll-up shutters should be banned entirely.

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