Kitzingen, Faiterstrasse

Cities have to end somewhere. It is no longer likely that anyone will build another city like Siena, which terminates abruptly at the city walls - outside the walls begins the countryside (at least outside the greatest length of the walls). We will probably have to make do without walls.

In the Netherlands, even new additions to cities tend to end somewhat like the scene here - the development stops and the cow pastures begin. The critical difference between current Dutch practice and the scene here is that virtually all new Dutch streets are perfectly straight. Here, the opening into the countryside emerges gradually as we round the curve in the street. The end of the street is punctuated with a beautiful tower.

This is as good as we're ever likely to do again, except maybe for the addition of a gate of some kind at the end of the street..

The street itself is good - it's a comfortable width, the buildings are of a nice height, and the overhanging sign is a fine touch.


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