St. Malo, Le Grand Bazar

To be precise, this street does not curve, it jogs. There are several breaks in the line of the street, sometimes limited to just one side of the street, which leads to an interesting variation in the width of the street. The effect is nearly the same as curving a street.

The name of the street implies that it is a market area, and we see that several stores have put goods out on the sidewalk. This serves a number of purposes, including to announce the nature of the business without too much fanfare. This practice is still often seen in Europe today. It makes for extra work at the beginning and end of the day, when the merchandise has to be shifted, but makes the street more lively and interesting and apparently serves the needs of merchants quite well.

Already, obnoxious signs are beginning to appear, as in the "Salon pour. . ." whatever it may be. The offense is continued beneath the main sign.

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