Urbino, Main Square

This square has quite a different feel to it from the previous two. It is smaller and the buildings are taller, so the sense of enclosure is even more strongly developed.

Notice the street on the left, which tapers down as it leaves the square. Since tapers are generally an interesting addition to a street, the question arises, should the street become narrower or wider as it approaches a square? I think the answer is clearly that it should become wider approaching a square. The square is gradually revealed, and the activity of the square bleeds off into the street, which has room to accommodate the higher level of activity. Such an arrangement also contributes to the development of positive open space, as it reduces the concavity that is inevitably created by a street. In a few squares, the problem is resolved by placing arches over all the entrances to the square.

Notice the cars off to the right, already cluttering up the square, more than 50 years ago.

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