Auray, La Place de la Mairie

This is another square that directs the eye towards a single building.

Notice that arms of the square extend into the distance, on both sides of the central building. I have the sense that there is another square off to the right of the right-hand arm, in the middle distance. Does anyone know this place?

Notice the double dome on the central tower. This is not the only fine thing about this building - the dormers are of astounding quality. Unfortunately, the ground floor did not turn out so well. The doors are wrong - they needed arches instead of straight lintels, and did not get them. I don't know if the half of the building below the drip course is one or two stories, but I think this is the key to the problem. Either someone was trying to make an overly grand ground floor, with ceilings close to 10 meters high, or they were trying to cram two stories in the same space. Either way, it was a failure.

Notice the nicely framed view of the tower in the distance, on the right.

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