Lisbon, Praça Dom Pedro IV

People will argue endlessly about street trees. In principle, I'm opposed to them, and this view shows why - you really can't see the city for the trees. However, I must concede that in hot, sunny climates like Lisbon's, there are very practical reasons to plant shade trees in public areas wherever there is room. For this purpose, deciduous trees are almost invariably used, so that during the cool months, when the leaves are off the trees, the area can actually be seen. This is a perfectly reasonable compromise.

The fountain is an addition that practically no one will quarrel with - besides being beautiful and a place for kids to play, it helps to cool the air on hot afternoons, even if only locally.

All of Portugal is notable for its stone paving. The patterns seem to be distinct to each town, and when kept in good repair, it is often beautiful. (The paving does not withstand encroachment by automobiles at all well, which is the cause of its poor condition in so many places.)

Today, this square is somewhat spoiled by the noise of traffic on all sides - major arteries pass through it.

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