Turin, Piazza Castello

This is an extremely formal square. It appears that everything has been drawn at right angles and that a rigid symmetry has been maintained. There is a perfect balance that approaches being static. The people using the square are the one element that is not in perfect symmetry, and they, of course, make the place lively.

I have seen conflicting evidence regarding the current state of this square. Some photographs, which appear to be older, show cars in this square. What appears to be more recent photographs imply that it has been restored to pedestrian uses. Does anyone know?

Notice that we have a very long vista down the street right in the center, but that the space is eventually enclosed by a distant building that terminates the street. We have complete enclosure, although the scale is so large that the square has a very airy feel.

One curiosity - what is the purpose of the exceptional wrought iron fence? It does not appear that there are any gates, so it could not be to keep people out.

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