Notice that the only objects that extend above the horizon in this view are church spires and defensive towers. The influence of the church has diminished in recent times, and, to judge by modern horizons, the influence of the corporation has increased.

The question that arises is: do we wish to allow private, commercial interests to dominate our skylines? Do we want to give them the symbolic high ground? Are these the most important institutions of the day? I believe that the answers to all of these questions is, "no!" This would imply that corporations should not be permitted to construct buildings taller than residential and civic buildings.

Notice the common form of the roofs - nearly all of them are very steeply pitched (above 45 degrees), and because they cover buildings that are moderately wide, there is a considerable amount of room inside these roofs. In some cases, three stories have been built within the roof.

Notice also that in virtually all cases, the gable end is presented to the street, not the roof.

Notice that the gable of building in the foreground appears to describe a perfect equilateral triangle.

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