Ghent, La Poste

To judge by the architecture, this is an old building, perhaps 500 years. In fact, however, it was built in 1910! This is a neo-gothic building in the classic northern European style. The stepped gables with ornaments are a lavish form that is echoed in turrets.

The windows are exceptionally graceful for such a large building. Their number has been kept comparatively small by making them unusually large, and they are graced by elliptical arches.

Once again, the main entrance can be immediately identified, even from a considerable distance.

The stories are very high, which yields rooms with the high ceilings appropriate to such an important building.

I am always deeply reassured to find modern buildings that are as good as those that are centuries old. It sometimes seems that we became incapable of designing and building beautiful buildings during the 19th Century, and that the problem got even worse in the 20th Century. Fortunately, this is not so.

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