Unknown, Probably in the Former Yugoslavia

Here we have another building that straddles the border between low and moderate height. It is three stories, but they are quite low stories, especially the ground floor, which is entered by a low door the threshold of which is barely above street level.

Notice the nice curving stairs that will doubtless sometimes serve as a place for people to sit and watch the world go by. Notice also the interesting shadows cast by the shutters. This is a very practical arrangement. There is a hinged frame with louvers in turn hinged from the top. This allows the shutters to be set in several positions, to shade the windows while still allowing a breeze to come in.

There are two other peculiarities that make the building more interesting. The arch over the stairs at first appears to be a normal elliptical arch, but it has been modified to accommodate the stairs. The face of the building has a slight break in it just to the left of the stairs. It would be fascinating to know why this was done.

Does anyone know what building this is, and where?


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