London, Marble Arch

Marble Arch marks one of the entrances to Hyde Park. It was erected at its present location in 1880 but first constructed in 1828 at Buckingham Palace from a design based on the triumphal arch of Constantine in Rome.

The arch was constructed of Carrara marble, some of the finest in the world, and decorated with sculptures of the highest quality. This arch is also one of the fruits of empire and a statement of importance and permanence.

It is nicely complimented by the park entrance itself. The nicely detailed columns are topped by large lanterns, and wrought iron was tastefully used for the gates and fences. Imagine the effect of this design implemented in cast concrete, galvanized steel posts, and chain link fence. That's how we would be likely to do it today.

Are we now so poor that we can no longer replicate grand public works of this sort? Or do we simply no longer care?


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