Granada, Museum de Arte Antiguo y Moderno

This is the entrance to a museum. By virtue of its age and location in Granada, it is likely to be a fairly important museum, yet it has a warm, intimate, and welcoming feel. A number of small details contribute to this. The door is not especially large. The staircase is neither very high nor particularly broad. The stairs are bordered by ledges on which plants and vases have been set, yet room has been left in a few places for someone to sit comfortably. A portico has been placed above the door to provide shelter for someone arriving before the doors have been opened for the day.

While much of the construction is of modest brick, considerable use has also been made of stone. I am not able to identify the unusual wall construction on the right. It may be stone with brick courses.

The timber supports of the portico lend an informal air to the building.

I would like to think that it is no accident that the leading lines formed by the brick lintel and the top edges of the open outer doors all lead the eye into the building. Given the general quality of the design, I imagine that this was deliberate. It may have been the work of several hands, across the centuries.


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