London, Law Courts

This astonishing and imposing building does suffer from one fault - it is not immediately evident whether the principal entrance is to be found behind the tall arches of the arcade or in the courtyard entered through the arched gate.

As to amenity value, this building is pure eye candy, a delight to behold. One might see it every day for years without ever tiring of it or even feeling that one was altogether familiar with it. As a practical matter, the arcade would be a fine place to shelter in the event of a sudden shower.

Notice that one of the main staircases can be identified from outside the building by the stepped windows. Almost without a doubt, this is a grand staircase - this can be devined just on the basis of the shallow pitch of the stairs (given by the window pitch) and the headroom between flights (given by the window height).

This is another 19th Century neo-gothic design. It not only still stands, it has been beautifully preserved and maintained.

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