Barcelona, Patio de los Naranjos

This courtyard appears, from this view, to lack coherence and a unifying theme. It's a bit of everything - a lovely but incomplete arcade, an attempt at a formal garden, a fountain that is curiously crammed into a small space that is not central to the space. Despite these imperfections, it is still a good space.

We don't, in fact, have to achieve perfection, nor should we expect always to do so. As long as a space is fundamentally sound, it will work. Future generations, confronting the imperfections, will probably decide to fix them, rather than raze the buildings and begin again, as long as we achieve a modicum of quality. I believe that it is from these incremental repairs that some of the finest spaces have arisen. (Others spaces, built by geniuses, have been perfect the first time around, but this is a lot to expect.)

Notice the unusual form of the second floor - it has a nearly Japanese character to it. The panes of the windows are very small, and the windows exceptionally attractive.

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