Dessau, Franzstrasse

This is a somewhat scraggly boulevard. It is about as narrow as a boulevard can be, and it carries only two rows of trees. In most respects, this is actually a blessing. The street is narrow enough that it integrates for the viewer, and the trees are few and thin enough that the facades of the buildings are generally quite visible.

The question of street trees is one that will be argued forever. I am myself ambivalent about them. They make the street much more comfortable on a hot summer day, but at the same time they hide the face of the city from our view. It is for this reason that it is often better to photograph cities while the leaves are off the trees and the buildings show their faces.

Notice how attractive this street is because it is completely free of vehicles. Oddly, I find that the tram rails actually add to the scene, as they provide a very strong element of perspective.

The kiosk to the left is a ground for posters, which can serve important purposes in society. It think it best, however, to contain posting to limited areas specifically designed for the purpose. In short, this is the ideal situation. (In many nations, but apparently not in Germany, these kiosks also house transformers, which are in any case best hidden from view.)

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